Thought Leadership

A Virtual Mission

This month’s thought leader piece is written by Annika Lowgren. Annika serves as the Executive Office Manager for New American Pathways, where she has managed operations for almost 5 years. Annika graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Affairs with a concentration on Philosophy of Technology. During her academic pursuits, …

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America’s Legacy of Open Doors

This month’s thought leader piece is written by Luke Anh Nguyen. Anh has worked at the Census Bureau, Atlanta Region, as a Partnership Specialist and Data Dissemination Specialist since 2008.  His work involves in providing Census data presentation and training workshops to a wide range of Census customers, responding to data inquiries, raising public awareness …

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Multiple Paths to Generosity

John Pinkard

This month’s thought leader piece is by New AP Board Member, John Pinkard. John joined the New American Pathways’ Board of Directors in 2018.  He has volunteered with the Clarkston community since 2012 through All Saints’ Episcopal Church and currently facilitates a Saturday morning tutoring group open to New American Pathways volunteers and All Saints’ parishioners.  John currently works in the McDonald’s Division at Coca-Cola and is a co-founder of the Curren Foundation which is dedicated to raising awareness for paraneoplastic syndrome.

A Brave Path for Five Years

Paedia Mixon, New American Pathways CEO

Refugees are brave. They have to be. They are forced to leave behind everything and everyone they know for an uncertain future. After a perilous journey and an excruciatingly long stay in a refugee camp, even life in the relative safety of the United States requires courage.

Why Education is Important

group of kids

We asked some of our middle school students in our Bright Futures Afterschool Program the question: “Why is education important to you?” Below are their responses. We are so proud of our students, they are working hard to acheive great things!

What World Refugee Day Means to Me

I am an Iraqi-American. Neither identity outweighs the other, but rather, both are infused within me. Depending on the environment and whom I am interacting with at a given moment, the balance can shift a little to the appropriate one.

The Power of Refugee Stories in Advocacy

This month’s thought leader is Adamou Mohamed. Adamou led the efforts with our national affiliate, Church World Service, for the advocacy trip several of our staff members and community leaders attended earlier this month. Originally from the West African country of Niger, Adamou is the Refugee Community Organizing Coordinator with the Immigration and Refugee Program …

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