Thought Leadership

The Power of the Vote

September 2022 Thought Leader

After residing for four consecutive years in the United States, I’ve learned the structure of the government, political parties, and most importantly the drastic impact of voting in the election process when it comes to having your thoughts, values, and vision represented. Citizenship plays a crucial role here, otherwise, you are deprived of this ultra-unique …

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Family Empowerment at New AP

Inés Rodriguez joined New AP in February as the Family Empowerment Department Manager. The concept of family empowerment can mean different things to different regions of the world. At New AP, the Family Empowerment team provides early intervention, family violence prevention, and targeted women’s career development support. Together, Inés and her team are helping new …

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Volunteering Is Evolving

This month’s thought leader piece is written by Baindu Akinrotiba. Baindu is a two-time AmeriCorps alum, with one year of service being completed at New American Pathways. She received her master’s in social work with a focus on international social work, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Baindu now serves as the New American Pathways Community Partnerships Coordinator …

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An Afghan Woman Cannot Take Anything for Granted

This month’s thought leader piece features Dr. Hogai G. Nassery and her thoughts on the crisis in Afghanistan. Dr. Hogai is a family physician and the co-founder of the Afghan American Alliance of Georgia. Her family immigrated to the United States in 1973, after a coup d’etat in Afghanistan. Her parents sponsored numerous Afghan families …

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Creating Change Through Artwork

For this month’s thought leader piece, Yehimi Cambrón shares her story of being a DACAmented artist, activist, public speaker, and entrepreneur in Atlanta. She immigrated to the US with her family when she was seven, leaving San Antonio Villalongín, a small town in Michoacán, México. Cambrón’s work elevates the stories of immigrants, celebrates their humanity, …

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