lend your voice

Now, more than ever, we need advocates to lend their voice.

Meaningful civic engagement starts with connecting new Americans to foundational concepts around government and elements of how it operates. The next step in this process is to develop leaders who are active in their communities. In 2021 we developed Civic Pathways, an 8-month leadership development program created in partnership with the University of Georgia’s J.W. Fanning Institute of Leadership. Learn more about the program here. 

We are a founding member of the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies and much of our advocacy organizing occurs through our coalition work at the CRSA.

Action alerts are usually pushed out on New American Pathways and the CRSA social media platforms with opportunities to directly engage in advocating for the refugee program on a local, state and national level. You can sign up to receive CRSA Action Alerts here. We also gather together at the GA Capitol each year for the New Americans Celebration.

If you are interested in volunteering with our Civic Engagement work, check out our latest volunteer opportunities to get involved: