Our Stories

The Path to Community Leadership

This month’s thought leader piece is written by Ogbai Afeworki, a former refugee from Ethiopia who was one of the first graduates of the Fugees… More >

America’s Legacy of Open Doors

This month’s thought leader piece is written by Luke Anh Nguyen. Anh has worked at the Census Bureau, Atlanta Region, as a Partnership Specialist and… More >

Obaid Rasoul- 30 Years of Creating New Opportunities

Atlanta is now home to thousands of amazing new Americans who have contributed in incredible ways to their communities. Many of those new Americans have… More >

The Open Doors of Citizenship

For this month’s thought leader piece, we spent some time talking to two of New American Pathway’s newest citizens, Punam and Justine. Punam Pradhan is… More >

A Brave Path for Five Years

Refugees are brave. They have to be. They are forced to leave behind everything and everyone they know for an uncertain future. After a perilous journey and an excruciatingly long stay in a refugee camp, even life in the relative safety of the United States requires courage. Rebuilding your life in a new place, learning a new language and navigating… More >

On the Pathway

New Americans are tenacious and strong, resilient and brave. They are dedicated to learning, working hard and creating a home for themselves and their families…. More >

Coming Together and Making a Difference

It is a difficult time.  Strict restrictions on asylum have been imposed and we are looking at a possible presidential determination in the next two weeks setting the number of refugees allowed in the US to zero or the very low numbers of 10-15,000. World Relief Atlanta will no longer be resettling refugees and so many of its gifts to… More >

Abdirahman’s Citizenship Journey

Citizenship is a huge goal that many refugees have once they are resettled in the United States. During those first few weeks, it seems like… More >

Why Education is Important

We asked some of our middle school students in our Bright Futures Afterschool Program the question: “Why is education important to you?” Below are their… More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Lynda Douglass

We are so very grateful for the many volunteers who serve regularly in our afterschool program. This month we would like to highlight Lynda Douglass. Lynda began serving in our afterschool program this year, and in a short time has become an integral part of our community. Lynda is recently retired and volunteers with our Elementary afterschool program. She comes… More >

Bee Nguyen: Our 2019 Friend of Freedom Honoree

At Red, White and NEW on August 17, 2019, New American Pathways will honor Bee Nguyen, the representative for Georgia House District 89 that includes City of Atlanta… More >

Celebrating Refugee Art and Culture

Refugees are incredible contributors to their communities. We often talk about the economic impact refugees have on our communities, but on this World Refugee Day,… More >

What World Refugee Day Means to Me

This month’s Thought Leader piece is by Mwoddah “Mo” Habib. Mo is pursuing a Master’s of Public Health concentrating on health management and policy at… More >

May 2019 Volunteer Spotlight- Aqil Merchant

At our Breaking Bread Volunteer Appreciation Brunch this month, we presented four outstanding volunteers with “Volunteer of the Year” awards. Our recipient of the “Young Path” award, Aqil Merchant, is featured this month. Aqil is a local high school student and was moved by news coverage he saw about the refugee crisis. He wanted to take action, so he went… More >

The Power of Refugee Stories in Advocacy

On May 8th and 9th, I joined over three hundred advocates from thirty-two states in Washington DC, for the Refugee Council USA advocacy days. In… More >

National Volunteer Month: Why We Serve

During April, National Volunteer Month, we celebrate our volunteers who donate their precious time in service to helping refugees and Georgia thrive. Below are a few featured New AP volunteers and what they told us about their inspiration for service with us. If you are interested in volunteering at New American Pathways, email volunteerengagement@newamericanpathways.org or come to our next volunteer… More >

April 2019 Volunteer Spotlight: Mizzou University

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Mizzou University, a recent volunteer group with New AP’s Alternative Spring Break Experience. This group of five students chose to spend their traditional spring break learning about the U.S. history of refugee resettlement and immigration, how it relates closely to Clarkston’s history and how these policies directly influence Clarkston’s residents. Throughout the week, the group… More >

Faryiha’s Story

When Faryiha was young, she dreamt of becoming a nurse. A Somali national, her dreams were put on hold when she and her family fled to Uganda in 2006. Faryiha spent the next eight years of her life at a refugee camp, eventually finishing high school and starting a family of her own. In 2012, she received the long-awaited news… More >

Asmaa’s Story

Originally from Iraq, Asmaa had built a career as an academic at the Baghdad University College of Arts. Asmaa was a fixture at the university… More >

Abu’s Story

Originally from Burma (now Myanmar), Abu had built a life as a typical teenager, attending school and helping his father out at their family business when he could. However, as a Muslim and as a member of the minority Rohingya ethnic group, Abu faced discrimination and persecution in his home country. In 2008, at age 15, Abu left his country… More >

The Opportunity of an Open Door

Photo: Joseph McBrayer This month’s featured thought leader is Zinah, a former refugee from Iraq and soon-to-be new American citizen. She shared her story and her gratitude through the following speech during the New Americans Celebration hosted by the Coalition for Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA) on Valentine’s Day. Bombs are not unusual in Baghdad, but this one sounded close. Too… More >

New Americans Celebration 2019: A Valentine for Georgia

If you were one of over 300 people who made their way to the state capitol on February 14, we hope you left full of hope and inspiration. The New Americans Celebration event, hosted by the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA), is the annual day of education and outreach for refugees, immigrants and Georgia community members who support them…. More >

March 2019 Volunteer Spotlight: Heather Ray

“Successfully conveying information to a student doesn’t necessarily make someone a good tutor. Heather is great tutor because she is a friend to Shiva. One of my favorite things about Heather is every time I visit them, Shiva is teaching Heather something in Dari.” -Katie, English at Home AmeriCorps member From the alphabet to medical vocabulary, Heather Ray, a volunteer… More >

With Love for Our Secret Santas

Every year, as the holiday season approaches, New AP reaches out to the Atlanta community to ask for “Secret Santa” gifts to share with the refugees we serve. We want to show refugees that all are welcome and treasured here, and that the season of giving applies to everyone. With nearly 200 children in our afterschool programs alone, we wonder… More >

A Gift for Claudine

Not only did our 2018 Secret Santas help us share gifts with all of our Bright Futures refugee youth, they enabled us to provide gifts for newly arriving families and other women, children and families served through our longer term programs like Parents as Teachers, English at Home and ongoing case management. Here is just one story about one woman,… More >

February 2019 Volunteer Spotlight: Fred Rascoe

Above: Middle school students with Fred Rascoe (back row, middle) and lead teacher Winston Persaud (back row, right) This month’s volunteer spotlight features Fred Rascoe, a librarian at Georgia Tech, who finds time to tutor new American students in New AP’s Bright Futures afterschool program. Fred says that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to help middle… More >

Learning for Life

Mohamad, a refugee from Burma (now Myanmar), came to the United States alone in 2014. Since then he has worked several labor intensive jobs, gone to school and spent many hours contacting people and filling out forms trying to reunite with his family. He successfully brought his wife and two of his children to the United States. Mohamad speaks Burmese,… More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Yaunna Hunter and USC

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Yaunna Hunter, a student at The University of South Carolina who recently volunteered with New AP through an Alternative Fall Break Experience. Yaunna has always had a passion for non-profits and brought the same exciting energy to her week with New American Pathways. Alternative Fall and Spring Breaks are a way for students to go outside… More >

From a First-time Voter

First-time voter, Harry Osayimwen, moved to Georgia from his native Nigeria in September 2011 to be reunited with his then 16-year-old son and, as Harry says, “to be the dad my son wanted me to be.” An engineer by trade, Harry has been working as an office administrator in Norcross where he commutes from Stone Mountain. After seven years of… More >

Volunteer Spotlight: John Guyton

This month’s volunteer spotlight features John Guyton, a Georgia native and active donor and volunteer for New American Pathways. John first discovered his passion for political engagement during his college career at American University in DC during a monumental period of American history—the Watergate scandal of the 1970s. A father of two and husband of 33 years, John has worked in the bicycle business… More >

Why Should We Vote?

“For the fun of it!” “Because we can!” Over the past few weeks, the middle school kids in our Bright Futures afterschool program got to experience the fun of voting for themselves. They also had a few words of advice for adults who are eligible voters. In school, they voted for homecoming king and queen, and then they participated in… More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Jackson Richard

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Jackson Richard, who served as our Communications intern – and so much more – this summer. He shares his perspective below. “I spent a truly spectacular summer working as the 2018 Communications Intern at New American Pathways. From my very first day, I was embraced with warmth, compassion, and humor by the New AP staff. By my last… More >

My AmeriCorps Story

By Fatima Koko, New AP Data and Service Specialist After a decade of AmeriCorps service, New AP just kicked off our eleventh year with a new team! While I mostly work on the backend of managing AmeriCorps logistics, this time around my responsibility in recruitment and onboarding members has been more on the active side – and one I truly… More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Ron Nenner

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Ron Nenner, who serves as an English tutor in our Forward program. To potential volunteers, he says: “The only thing you need as a teacher is patience, a forward look, and a smile on your face. It’s very rewarding to get out of your comfort zone, help someone and their family, and then see them… More >

Launching Forward: Meet Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim is on a pathway to his American dream with the support of New American Pathways’ Forward program. Having supported the U.S. military in Afghanistan, Abdul Karim’s life was in danger. He fled his home country and, in 2014, received a Special Immigrant Visa to come alone to the United States. New American Pathways brought him to safety and… More >

Meet Abdul, One of Georgia’s Newest Citizens

This month, we sat down to learn more about Abdul Haikal, New AP’s Employment Specialist who arrived on a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) from Afghanistan. We are proud to have him as a member of the New AP family and as a new citizen of the United States of America! Q: What was your path to Citizenship? A: I served for… More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Our Presbyterian Partners

Above: Members of the trio-church family prepare the apartment for Maryam and her family to arrive. This month, we honor our valued volunteer partners First Presbyterian Church Atlanta, Hillside Presbyterian Church and Northwest Presbyterian Church. First Presbyterian Church Atlanta and Hillside Presbyterian Church began a unique partnership in refugee resettlement more than 15 years ago. Through co-sponsorship with New AP, they… More >

Project RISE AmeriCorps

What is AmeriCorps? Often called the domestic Peace Corps, AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs focused on improving lives and fostering civic engagement.  Project RISE (Refugee and Immigrant Success through Education) is New American Pathways’ AmeriCorps program developed in partnership with Fugees Family to serve new Americans in Georgia.We host 24 AmeriCorps members in full-time service for an 11-month service… More >

Volunteer Spotlight: Breaking Bread Together

Georgia loves refugees. New American Pathways loves our volunteers. The journey of new Americans is a tough one, filled with uncertainty and questions. Once a refugee family arrives in the United States and New American Pathways starts helping them establish a life in their new home, there are still moments of uncertainty and questions. In addition to our dedicated staff, we entrust… More >

Where Are They Now? Our AmeriCorps Alumni

Pictured above: Our 2016-2017 AmeriCorps Team Members Now in our tenth year of Project RISE AmeriCorps and looking forward to our eleventh, we surveyed the AmeriCorps members from our past several years and collected some favorite stories to share. From the bottom of our heart, New AP thanks ALL of our former and current AmeriCorps members for dedicating a year… More >

“America Got Me Here. America Loves Me.”

Above: Still proud of his service as a South Vietnamese Ranger, Mr. Nguyen (pictured here with his son) wears his uniform whenever he gets the chance. When you meet him, you are immediately struck by Mr. Nguyen’s enthusiasm. Through an interpreter, you learn that Mr. Nguyen is ecstatic to be in America. What you wouldn’t know is that Mr. Nguyen… More >

Georgia Loves Refugees

This Valentine’s Day, the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA) hosted their second-annual Georgia Loves Refugees press conference at the Clarkston Community Center. The event was the launch for the 2017 Annual Report – a collection of data from the 18 member agencies that details the many positive contributions of Georgia’s refugee and immigrant communities. The program also allowed CRSA,… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Michael Purser

Above: Transportation volunteer Michael Purser When we asked Michael Purser why he serves with New American Pathways, he humbly said: “It’s the most American thing you can do.” Michael, a semi-retired volunteer, began serving with us in fall of 2016. He found his fit as a transportation volunteer, picking up new Americans from their homes and taking them to necessary… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Kinman Bailey

Above: English at Home tutor Kinman Bailey Heandy is bright, hardworking, driven, has big goals in mind, and all staff who meet him believe he’s going to soar. A cardiologist from Cuba, Heandy would like to use this knowledge and ability to help patients in the U.S. But to practice medicine here, he’s got a long road ahead of him. One… More >

Moving Up the (Career) Field

What does “MVP” mean to you? As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, many think about the Most Valuable Players on the football field. Here at New American Pathways, though, our MVPs are Mentors for Vocational Pathways in specific professional fields – and they are just as important as any star football players for the new Americans we serve. When foreign-trained professionals (with a graduate degree… More >

Volunteers of the Month: All of Our Secret Santas

Every year our staff members chew their fingernails hoping that we will have enough holiday gifts to serve the refugee youth in our four DeKalb County afterschool programs. Every year, we have more students to provide for (this year 180!) and less hands to help coordinate the effort. But every year, the community comes together in a tremendous showing of generosity… More >

Explorations with Paint Love

The refugee girls in our Young Women’s Leadership Program found their voices during the first workshop of the year, thanks to our partnership with Paint Love. Pictured above: YWL senior Mary Par (left) poses with mentor Avani Patel (right) and guest artist Penny Treese (center).  How can you refocus negative comments you hear (or think) about yourself into assets? Paint Love,… More >

Sharing Stories of the Iraq War

Pictured above: Kevin Stillwell (left) poses with New American Pathways staff member, Shakir Radeef. Kevin played the Tiger in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo at 7 Stages. In 2017, with all of the daily political discourse engulfing us, the Iraq War can seem like a time gone by. For the veterans, civilians and families at the center of that… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Juilee Shivalkar

Are you a social media fan? If you’ve been following our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts in the last three months, you’ve seen some of the stories Juilee Shivalkar developed during her internship. Juilee, who is an upcoming senior studying Classical Languages as well as Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University, paused her studies this summer to take… More >

RAISE Your Voice for Refugees

Earlier this month, Georgia Senator David Perdue, in partnership with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, re-introduced the RAISE Act (S. 1720), a bill which aims to cut legal forms of immigration in half over the next ten years and add new entry requirements for those who wish to come to the United States. The bill seeks to limit entry in many… More >

Our Fund-a-Need: Support for New Arrivals

The U.S. Resettlement Program is being threatened. The program is on a 120-day halt and the limit on the number of arrivals has been cut to 50,000 per year, the lowest in history. When the travel ban is lifted, we need the capacity to serve the refugee community with the highly trained, culturally competent staff that we have today. This… More >

Immigration Services: Beyond the Paperwork

If you visit our Immigration Services area, you’ll see paperwork – a lot of careful, detailed, organized paperwork. But every file has a story – a person, a family, a new life, a new citizen. Navigating the United States immigration system can be quite challenging, which is why New American Pathways’ work goes far beyond refugee resettlement. Our Immigration Team… More >

Volunteers of the Month: Our Inaugural PathDrivers

This month, we honor our volunteers who took the time to drive support for our mission through New American Pathways’ inaugural ‘PathDriver’ campaign. This peer-to-peer fundraising campaign launched around World Refugee Day in June and culminated after our Red, White and NEW gala last month. This year has been extraordinary. The rhetoric around so many human and social issues can… More >

My Afternoon with the Al Homsi family

By: Amanda Ebling My name is Amanda, and I am a Shepherd Intern at New American Pathways, in the Career Services department. I’ve really enjoyed assisting the team that is committed to getting refugees employed and having opportunities to interact with refugees here; I know they are some of the most courageous, deserving people. I was recently invited to step… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Liz Truscott

Liz Truscott, a native of Connecticut and a graduate of University of Vermont, came to Atlanta in hopes of breaking into non-profit development. When we asked her what drew her to New American Pathways (New AP), she reflected back on her studies in college as a Social Work major: “My first experience in working with refugees came when I was… More >

World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day, an annual celebration established by the United Nations, brings together individuals across the world to commemorate our brothers and sisters that have been forced to flee their homes. With county government support and local events, Georgia joined countless other communities around the globe in this celebration. On Tuesday, June 13, the Dekalb County Board of Commissioners, in… More >

Cultural Orientation: An Outsider Looking In

By: Brittany Gilliland There are four languages mingling in the room, perhaps more if you count the baby babble. However, all the languages here share one thing in common: they are working to share simple, yet vital information about the United States. Cultural orientation at New American Pathways is one of the first experiences our clients, a mixture of refugees… More >

Volunteers of the Month: Finders Keepers Consignment

This month, we feature the wonderful leadership and staff of Finders Keepers for their dedication to serving the refugee community in so many ways. Bonnie Kallenberg, who is our thought leader this month, has been a fearless advocate for refugees since she first became aware of the local refugee community years ago. Having served on our board (then as RRISA)… More >

“If you put your mind to what you want, being a mother won’t stop you”

Balancing Motherhood As A Refugee

Can you imagine being a refugee in the process of resettlement for over fifteen years? Francoise Chimalonza, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo has experienced it firsthand. Fifteen years ago, Francoise fled the Congo due to a war and was placed for resettlement in Rwanda. Her final resettlement paperwork was not finalized until 2014, which is when… More >

Volunteer of the Month: John Bottini

While cultures, ethnicities, and religions may vary, one thing is true for people around the world – we all love our children. This basic truth helped our April Volunteer of the Month, John Bottini, to make greater, lasting connections with two new arrivals, and to help their family grow larger, and stronger, in their new community. John, environmental counsel at… More >

Rahim’s Path to an American Dream

It was always my dream to have a job in America. The AmeriCorps program has brought my dream to reality. I have been serving as the “Parents as Teachers” AmeriCorps team member at New American Pathways since October of 2016. This has been one of the best experiences of my life. Primarily, my goal in this position was to build… More >

Students Rule – On and Off the Field

A few weeks ago, we accepted three new students from Afghanistan into our afterschool program.  These students are all siblings with varying levels of English speaking and reading.  They have already impressed me with their respectfulness, eagerness to learn, and positive attitudes. The youngest sibling came to us knowing the alphabet and a few sight words, and has since learned… More >

Bhim’s Story: An American Dream

Becoming a refugee usually means hardship. Those who receive the government status of refugee are given it because they’re fleeing from proven persecution. That statement… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Myrtle Lewin

Myrtle Lewin is a retired Agnes Scott mathematics professor, advocate for all things social justice, and just about the cheeriest person you’ll ever meet. It’s no wonder why the room lights up when she walks in: Her natural positive attitude is exactly what drew us to name her as our Volunteer of the Month! Myrtle’s interest in education is one… More >

Santa Jayme Rides the Holiday Welcome Wave

New American Pathways’ Resource Coordinator, Jayme Hogan-Yarbro, coordinated her second holiday drive for the refugee youth we serve – and it resulted in the most successful drive ever! Having conducted last year’s holiday drive, I knew to expect an outpouring of support and participation from friends of New American Pathways when we kicked off the 2016-17 drive. What I didn’t… More >

Volunteers of the Month Central Michigan Alternative Break Group

During the last week of December, New American Pathways had the pleasure of hosting an Alternative Break Group from Central Michigan University (CMU). This group of 12 students served with us over a two-day period, helping to set up an apartment for a newly arriving refugee family, organize our storage unit, and even assist in our afterschool program! Students who… More >

Old Traditions with New Friends

Abdul Haikal and his family enjoyed a very special first Thanksgiving this year with some new friends – the Brenners. The Brenner family is a… More >

Thanksgiving Traditions

When your staff is made up of over 50 different people, from 15 different countries who speak nearly two-dozen languages, Thanksgiving traditions are bound to be fun – and delicious. Several international members of the New American Pathways team were kind enough to share their plans for the holiday – some of their favorite foods, traditions, and high points of… More >

Volunteers of the Month: The Galloway School

For the past two years, students from The Galloway School have spent part of their time serving, and learning, in the Clarkston community! The excursion was designed to give Galloway students an opportunity to impact their community with greater understanding, action and compassion. The Galloway School is a private, co-ed school founded in 1969 that follows a unique 4-D learning… More >

October Volunteer of the Month: Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is an advocate, a philanthropist and a mentor. The former executive director of Atlanta Women’s Foundation and Georgia Women for a Change, Stephanie has led a life committed to women’s rights and support. She recently joined our English at Home program as a mentor and has served with our Civic Engagement program by assisting with voter registration at… More >

From the Road: das Willkommen

New American Pathways’ chief executive officer, Paedia Mixon, was recently in Germany with representatives of Welcoming America and other leaders from Georgia. The group learned from their German colleagues, who visited Atlanta earlier this year, about their approach to refugee integration. Reflections from Mannheim – September 2016 This year I have had the pleasure of participating in the Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange,… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Asad Tabchi

For all new Americans, the first few days after arrival here are tough, and adjusting to a new life in a new country can be… More >

Welcome Home: My Airport Experience

Social Media Intern Isamar Vega-Rodriguez took a break from her regular work to learn about the efforts that go into welcoming a newly arriving family. As the Social Media Intern, I recently had the privilege of stepping out of the office with the intent to do something different; something every New American Pathways staff member, intern and volunteer looks forward… More >

Building a Future #WithRefugees

World Refugee Day, celebrated on June 20th every year, encompasses hundreds of celebrations across the world. To keep the events connected, each year’s celebration presents a theme, and this year it is “#WithRefugees” – a call to all of us to show our support for refugees arriving in our communities. But being #WithRefugees doesn’t just mean today – it means… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Karl Widjojo

“Reflecting on my work with refugees, I’m reminded that every person has the capacity to excel in certain things. Having served with an organization that educates refugees, I know the work that we do gives them an opportunity to develop their capacity to excel,” states Karl Widjojo. After a year of service in our Bright Futures Afterschool and Summer Programs,… More >

From One to Another

Above: Jasmin (right) fled his native Bosnia in 1993. In 1999, he began working at Elite Flooring in Norcross. Now, as warehouse manager, he is able to help hire other refugees, like Hayder, who recently arrived from Iraq.   When Jasmin Gredelj first interviewed two New American Pathways clients for a job in 2014, he was already well acquainted with… More >

May Volunteers of the Month: The Atlanta Havurah

A group of Jewish families from all different congregations and communities has broken the mold of traditional co-sponsorship. The group calls themselves “The Atlanta Havurah.” Havurah is the Jewish word meaning “fellowship of like-minded Jews.” Of the many volunteer opportunities New American Pathways has to offer, co-sponsorship of a newly arriving refugee family could be considered the most unique –… More >

Breaking Bread Together

We hope we started a few ripples last week at our annual spring luncheon, Breaking Bread Together. Hosted at the Solarium in Decatur on April 14th, Breaking Bread had two main goals: to celebrate our volunteers and to highlight one of our unique programs. This year we put the spotlight on English at Home, an in-home, personalized volunteer tutoring program… More >

April Volunteer of the Month: Hadley Standring

Our Volunteer of the Month, Hadley Standring, is a Master of Social Work (MSW) candidate at the University of Georgia (UGA). She started her service in August 2015 and is nearing the end of her year-long internship. While most of the process leading up to Hadley’s placement with our organization was out of her control, she has had to navigate… More >

From Fear to Friendship

Hadley Standring is the current Masters of Social Work (MSW) Intern at New American Pathways, serving with the Resettlement and Resource Navigation and Communications Departments…. More >

Reflections of Grace, In Service

Mariam “Grace” Miner is the New American Pathways English at Home AmeriCorps Service Member. She helps ensure successful matches between volunteer tutors and new Americans, provides training and materials for tutors, and consistently checks in with ongoing matches for updates. Below, she talks about her experiences with the program, and provides insight on how English at Home works. When I… More >

A Gift for Singla

She moved to the U.S. at 61 years of age to start a new life with her family, after living in a refugee camp for… More >

In Her Own Words

In 2015, New American Pathways client Dhan Rai, a participant in our Parents as Teachers (PAT) program, wrote about her experiences in PAT. We are… More >

January Volunteers of the Month: Louisa Merchant and All Saints’ Episcopal

All Saints’ Episcopal Church is one of New American Pathways’ longest-serving faith partners. Their phenomenal refugee ministry has been running for 25 years, since the early 90’s when a parishioner was inspired to help Bosnian refugees. All Saints’ helps newly arriving refugees adjust to life in America through co-sponsorship, where a faith or community partner works with New American Pathways… More >

Thanks for a Season of Tremendous Giving

  New American Pathways Resource Coordinator Jayme Hogan-Yarbro looks back on her first year collecting in-kind donations for new arrivals this past winter – and all the community members who made this holiday season a huge success.  This year, the dedicated friends and supporters of New American Pathways got in the holiday spirit by giving to our organization and donating… More >

It’s All About the Bike

Shakir (right) arrived in the U.S. in 2014 and works with Communicycle in Clarkston. Shakir worked with New American Pathways’ Melodie (center) and Kate (left)… More >

A Life in Service

Ehsan (left) works with Mount Paran Church’s mission department. Ehsan always makes sure to remember his fellow refugees when donation drives come around.   If you… More >

December Volunteer of the Month: Jynnah Radford

“I know how it is to restart your life. I also know how important it is to connect your old life with your new life.” Jynnah Radford describes how she has been able to empathize with the refugees New American Pathways serves and connect with her volunteer service and her internship in our Career Services department. Jynnah’s family is from… More >

How You Can Show Your Support For Syrian Arrivals

Since Governor Nathan Deal announced that he had asked the Federal government to stop sending Syrian refugees to Georgia, we have had many questions from supporters about how best to reach out to show their support for continued Syrian arrivals in Georgia. Here are two easy ways to reach out to the Office of Governor Nathan Deal to show your… More >

November Volunteer of the Month: Callie Crabb & Westminster Schools

Long before New American Pathways was formed, The Westminster Schools had a close relationship with both Refugee Family Services (RFS) and Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta (RRISA). School leaders see the value of teaching their students about the greater Atlanta community, the value of diversity, instilling empathy, and thinking globally. Callie Crabb is the Program Manager for the… More >

Help Syrians and Other Refugees Thrive

Meet one of the few families who have arrived in Georgia  after displacement in Syria. New American Pathways staff greeted the family and took them to their new home. Now they will start a new life in Georgia with the support of our programs that guide them on their pathway to success — through resettlement, employment, educational opportunities for their children, and a… More >

Engaging Community Leaders

The refugee and immigrant community has a strong voice, and we at New American Pathways are ready to help them raise it.  Earlier this month, we partnered with Church World Service to host an all-day advocacy training.  Participants learned how to register voters, recruit supporters, and share their life stories and missions effectively.  Encouraged by this training, participants expressed they… More >

From New Americans to Civic Leaders

In July 2013, Safia Jama (left) was a new American citizen being honored for her incredible journey at the first annual Red, White and New… More >

October Volunteer of the Month: David Ross

After 15+ years with New American Pathways, David Ross (left) still enjoys the little things in volunteering – like showing up to a day of voter registration… More >

Young Women’s Leadership Attends the Lantern Parade

The Young Women’s Leadership Program by New American Pathways serves 21 refugee girls from the metro Atlanta area. The program is designed to better prepare these young women for a future of success through helping them obtain personal, professional and academic goals. In September, they welcomed their new cohort and many returning mentors for their first workshop of the new… More >

September Volunteer of the Month – Lori Laliberte

Every office has that one person: that one go-to volunteer or staff member who is always willing to take on a new role or to help someone else who has an overloaded schedule. At New American Pathways, for the last year and a half, that person has been Lori Laliberte. Lori has been volunteering with New American Pathways since early… More >

New American Citizens Recognized at 2015 Red, White and NEW

Our Red, White and New honored citizens: Saad AlSaad (far left), CEO Paedia Mixon, Lilly Chhetri (center), Padam Giri, and Jeanine Ndayishimiye, wife of Ntirandekua Melchiade. Saad AlSaad: Saad is a hero to two countries. Beginning in 2007, Saad worked as a translator with U.S. and Multi-National forces and helped to build the new Iraqi Army. Saad’s family, including his… More >

Samer Featured on 11Alive

New American Pathways client Samer was featured on local 11 Alive news on September 9, 2015 to discuss his own story of resettlement in the… More >

August Volunteer of the Month: Mike Iverson

When Mike Iverson laughs, you can’t help but laugh, too. He is a giving person with a joy for life that is contagious. A longtime supporter of New American Pathways, Mike has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2011 (then RRISA). He is the current Treasurer and chair of the board’s Finance Committee. But this year, Mike… More >

Connections and English Lessons

By Kelsey Smith, ESL Coordinator at New American Pathways Although my students cannot yet read the following words of Herman Hesse, I believe they would agree with them: “As a body everyone is single; as a soul never.” The outer trappings of these adult students are so different from one another. They come from so many different countries—Burma/Myanmar, Somalia, Syria,… More >

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