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New American Voices – AmeriCorps Members

April is National Volunteer Month, celebrating the spirit of service ...
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New American Voices

The Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) Program provides refugee and immigrant ...
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Volunteer Spotlight – Cindy Zeldin

We are excited to feature Cindy Zeldin for this month’s ...
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Akilimali’s Parenting Story

Akilimali Baheneka and his family were resettled in Georgia in ...
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Hema’s Parenting Story

Hema Acharya, her husband and two children live in Tucker ...
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Reflections on Supporting New American Parents

"When the children learn, the moms learn too." - Nadia ...
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Volunteer Spotlight – Wendy Gutiérrez Cheeks

We are excited to feature Wendy Gutiérrez Cheeks for this ...
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A Commitment to Service

This month's thought leader piece is written by Hana Johnson ...
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