Thought Leadership

From the Road: das Willkommen

New American Pathways’ chief executive officer, Paedia Mixon, was recently in Germany with representatives of Welcoming America and other leaders from Georgia. The group learned from their German colleagues, who visited Atlanta earlier this year, about their approach to refugee integration. Reflections from Mannheim – September 2016 This year I have had the pleasure of participating in …

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Engaging Community Leaders

The refugee and immigrant community has a strong voice, and we at New American Pathways are ready to help them raise it.  Earlier this month, we partnered with Church World Service to host an all-day advocacy training.  Participants learned how to register voters, recruit supporters, and share their life stories and missions effectively.  Encouraged by …

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Honoring Our Volunteers: Even Einstein Had a Mentor

When I came to live to the United States, one of the things that inspired me the most about the American way of life was the culture of volunteering. It seemed to me that everybody I met was volunteering for church, for their children’s school PTA, for a neighborhood association, for their alma mater, or for one of the many wonderful charitable organizations that exist in this country.

What Refugees Leave Behind

Ishmael Beah’s early childhood in Sierra Leone was a simple one filled with happy memories. During a recent visit to Atlanta, Ishmael recounted stories of playing impromptu, competitive soccer games with his father, brother and friends, and of crowding around the sole television in his village to watch music videos with his friends. Life was easy when he was young.

Welcoming Week In Atlanta

We have so much to be proud of in Georgia, where our capital, Atlanta, is now officially designated as a “Welcoming City,” and where hard-working refugees are positive contributors to our state’s economy, driving the creation of small businesses and increases in home ownership.

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