The Power of the Vote

September 2022 Thought Leader

After residing for four consecutive years in the United States, I’ve learned the structure of the government, political parties, and most importantly the drastic impact of voting in the election process when it comes to having your thoughts, values, and vision represented. Citizenship plays a crucial role here, otherwise, you are deprived of this ultra-unique right and value. You cannot convey your voice to bring change and improve the lives of your people in the community, or assist those who are vulnerable and in need of dire assistance. A community can thrive when its people’s socio-political views are entrenched and implemented in the local and federal government structure. These values can only be achieved when community members have a right to vote and participate in both local and federal elections.

I became a citizen a little over two months ago. It was such an amazing feeling to know that I can now vote for the representation I cherish, as they strive vigorously to fight for our rights, common views we share, ensure the provision of services to refugees who are struggling around the world for various reasons including, political, religious, racial, etc.

This year, the regime changes in Afghanistan and Ukraine’s dilemma caused a high influx of refugees to flee their homes, families, and loved ones in an attempt to save their lives. The Biden administration provided humanitarian parole to people from both of these countries including knocking out a very complicated and yet important evacuation operation to those Afghans who served and helped the U.S. military. The United States will benefit immensely from these operations as the majority of these refugees bring an enormous degree of skills and resources that will enhance and contribute to the economy of the country as well as multiculturalism.

I registered to vote via The Civic Engagement unit within the New American Pathways and am truly thrilled to vote for the first time in the United States as a citizen. As a Program Manager for the Ukraine Services Program, I will encourage all the refugees who became citizens or are in the process of becoming citizens to make an effort and register to vote and participate in the election process. The election process in most developing countries sustains disreputable fame due to fraud and corruption. Thus, people from these countries usually do not have high hopes for election outcomes and, as a result, refrain from voting or participating in the election process. Therefore, I intend and plan to advocate for the transparency of the election process in the US and encourage the refugee population to exercise these important rights and cast their votes for a better future for themselves and their children.