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Rafael’s Story

Out of the 30 million people trafficked internationally, about 3.8 million are domestic workers. Rafael used to be one of those 3.8 million people, but after receiving his T-visa and connecting with New American Pathways, Rafael was able to begin making his dreams come true, starting with reuniting with his family. While Rafael currently lives …

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Nauru and Resettlement

Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. It has been used by Australia for “offshore processing” for those who are fleeing their home countries and seeking asylum in Australia. The conditions on the island are incredibly difficult as refugees have lived in overcrowded tents, suffered from water shortages and an overall …

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Haifaa Bassout

Bassout Family Marwan Alshehabi, Haifaa Bassout and their children Fatima and Mohammad arrived in Atlanta in 2016 after fleeing civil war in Syria.

Bawi Family

Bawi Family The Bawi family was among the first families resettled by New American Pathways. Michael, Rose and sons Emmanuel and Peter arrived in 2015 ready for a fresh start.

Suk Rai Family

Suk Rai Family Suk Tamang and Sukmati Rai arrived in Atlanta in 2014. Their family has grown over the past five years as their two sons, Sharif and Shalev were born.

Adan Family

Adan FAMILY​ Ahmed Adan, Samira Hirsi and their sons Yosef and Abudl “Aziz” arrived in Atlanta in 2017. Ahmed is a medical professional and worked as a hematologist in Kuwait after fleeing war in Somalia.

Karna Rai

Karna Dhoj Rai, Summima Ingnam and their son Jonish arrived in Atlanta in April of 2016. Their daughter Johanna was born in 2018. The Rai/Ingnam family are dedicated to learning as much as possible and helping their children succeed.

Obaid Rasoul- 30 Years of Creating New Opportunities

Atlanta is now home to thousands of amazing new Americans who have contributed in incredible ways to their communities. Many of those new Americans have dedicated their lives to helping other refugees find success in their new home. One of those Americans is Obaid Rasoul. Obaid retired in 2016 after spending 33 years helping refugees …

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On the Pathway

On The Path photos and 5 year logo

New Americans are tenacious and strong, resilient and brave. They are dedicated to learning, working hard and creating a home for themselves and their families. They overcome obstacles and are focused on building their own versions of the American Dream.

Abdirahman’s Citizenship Journey

Abdirahman holding a small American Flag

Citizenship is a huge goal that many refugees have once they are resettled in the United States. During those first few weeks, it seems like a faraway dream, but it’s a dream that motivates many new Americans down their own pathway towards citizenship. Many of the refugees we serve have never had the opportunity to participate in civic life prior to their arrival in the United States.