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Bassout Family

Marwan Alshehabi, Haifaa Bassout and their children Fatima and Mohammad arrived in Atlanta in 2016 after fleeing civil war in Syria. Resettlement is a challenging process, but this family demonstrated their strength and determination from the beginning, despite unique obstacles they faced. Marwan is deaf and has other physical limitations and both children have special needs, so in addition to the task of self-sufficiency it was vital to ensure their other needs were met. The family was co-sponsored by a local faith community and volunteers from the church helped provide English at Home Services to the family, along with other support and assistance. 

Volunteers can truly help encourage and support new families as they walk their pathway to success, and the family maintains a relationship with this group to this day. Marwan and Haifaa are doing well and are working towards their goals, and both Fatima and Mohammad are active participants in New AP’s Pathways to Bright Futures After School program. The family is on track to apply for citizenship in 2021. Marwan, Haifaa, Fatima and Mohammad are strong and focused on continuing to find success in their journey as new Americans.

Our Stories

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