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Ahmed Adan, Samira Hirsi and their sons Yosef and Abudl “Aziz” arrived in Atlanta in 2017. Ahmed is a medical professional and worked as a hematologist in Kuwait after fleeing war in Somalia. Ahmed was eager to get to work soon after arrival, and faced the disappointment of starting over in his field with a positive attitude. He worked with New AP employment specialists and was able to secure a job as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Youngest son Aziz was born with cerebral palsy, and in addition to working towards self-sufficiency, the family had to navigate the oftentimes complicated U.S. medical system to ensure Aziz received all the services and care he needs to thrive. 

The New AP Intensive Case Management team helped the family navigate through referrals and appointments, but Aziz and his parents demonstrated their determination through the whole process. Both boys are now in middle school and are doing well. The family is on track to apply for citizenship in 2022. This family has faced the challenges that come with resettlement with optimism and resiliency and have accomplished great things in their first two years here.

The Adam family in front of the Atlanta ferris wheel

Our Stories

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