Women are the Bridge Between Civilizations

March is Women’s History Month and every woman has a story to share with the world. This month intensifies discussions on women’s rights, contributes to the achievement of gender equality, and emphasizes the contribution of women to the development of society. The history of the women’s movement is not just a story about women and for women, it is an important part of our history – one that has oftentimes been overlooked.

At New American Pathways, we feel grateful to know so many incredible new American women who have overcome challenges to thrive in the United States. Originally from Jordan, Kalthum Al-Zubeidi had built a career as an artist whose paintings were presented in 12 different exhibitions around Tokyo, Iraq, Egypt and sold to art enthusiasts in Washington, South Korea, and Spain. But her dreams and goals were put on hold when Kalthum’s ex-husband locked her in their house, took all the money, and didn’t let her paint.

After 2 years of imprisonment in her house, Kalthum got out of this an abusive relationship and moved to the shelter, where she became an interpreter for domestic violence. While Kalthum was staying in the shelter, she was surrounded by women with similar stories, who hadn’t received love from family but found happiness among each other. There Kalthum returned to painting and found her calling in teaching other women to express themselves through art.

In 2017, she received the opportunity to start a new life in a new country and was resettled in Atlanta. After moving to Atlanta and receiving the assistance of the Domestic Violence Team at New American Pathways, Kalthum started rebuilding her life, immersing herself in art, and fulfilling her creative potential. With the ongoing assistance of New AP, Kalthum is moving towards her goal of becoming a successful artist in Atlanta. Her paintings are filled with emotions, passions and are often directed inward, hinting to the world about her thoughts and state of mind. Kalthum says, “A Woman is the bridge between civilization, who carries the culture and passes it to other generations.” She transfers these thoughts and feelings to the canvas and creatively shares everything she feels with the world.

Women have played an important role in history, helping shape our culture and legislation, making them what we know today. Along with other inspiring women, we are so proud of Kalthum and are grateful to be part of her story towards new American success!

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