Strengthening Welcome for Immigrants Means Getting Out the Vote

From our national affiliate, CWS, who covered our efforts to help new Americans get registered and get out the vote this election season. You can read the entire piece on their blog here: 

It’s election season once again and while I am no fan of the partisan bickering or political pundits, this moment is an exciting opportunity to engage new people in the voting process. At CWS, we believe that voting is a critical component to building welcoming communities – particularly as we accompany new citizens and new voters in voter registration, education and turnout.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about helping refugees become naturalized citizens and register to vote is because so many of our new neighbors come from heart-breaking circumstances of persecution. Corrupt governments have been able to instill fear in people and keep them from participating in civic society. As refugees begin new lives in the U.S., we have an incredible opportunity to help them learn about our civic system and embrace their right to vote as they become new citizens.    – by Noel Anderson

Read the rest of the piece at the CWS blog: 

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