Faryiha’s Story

When Faryiha was young, she dreamt of becoming a nurse. A Somali national, her dreams were put on hold when she and her family fled to Uganda in 2006. Faryiha spent the next eight years of her life at a refugee camp, eventually finishing high school and starting a family of her own.

In 2012, she received the long-awaited news she had been hoping for – the opportunity to start a new life in a new country. In 2014, she and her two daughters left for America and were resettled in Atlanta by our partners at the International Rescue Committee.

After a few years adjusting to her new home and community in Clarkston, Faryiha was ready to revisit her dream of becoming a nurse. She was referred to Georgia Piedmont Technical College where she is currently completing preliminary coursework that will put her on a path to nursing school.

She also works part-time at a retail distribution center alongside fellow new Americans. Many of her colleagues have been working at the distribution center for years, eventually going on to become supervisors. Faryiha attributes this trend to the commitment and incredible work ethic refugees bring to the workplace when given a chance.

Having been in the United States now for five years, Faryiha has started the process of applying for citizenship and is currently studying for the naturalization exam. She’s hoping that once she becomes a U.S. citizen, she will more easily be able to petition for her sister to join her in the United States. When asked what message she wants to send to Congress regarding the importance of resettling refugees, Faryiha says, “Refugees are not dangerous – we are the ones who are leaving because of danger. We are good people who just want to change our situation and have a better life. We are good for the economy, good for the community, and good for the country.”

Ask Congress: #WhereRtheRefugeesHere’s more information on what to say! It’s not too late to make your voice heard.

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