Volunteer Spotlight: Yaunna Hunter and USC

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Yaunna Hunter, a student at The University of South Carolina who recently volunteered with New AP through an Alternative Fall Break Experience. Yaunna has always had a passion for non-profits and brought the same exciting energy to her week with New American Pathways.

Alternative Fall and Spring Breaks are a way for students to go outside the norm of traditional vacations to luxury locations and instead engage in a week of service diving deeper into major issues confronting the world today. This year the group decided to focus on refugee resettlement and spent their week in Atlanta, diving into the journey and life of a refugee. Coordinated by Community Outreach AmeriCorps member Shanice Chesney, the group experienced cultural orientation, learning sessions and community-based acts of service, all while culturally immersing themselves in the beautiful city of Clarkston.

“I knew that we would be helping New American Pathways and the refugees as much as possible but I did not know that they would help me as much in return,” Yaunna reflects.

As the thinks about her experience Yaunna says, “Working with New American Pathways, I knew that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” Yaunna expresses feelings of intention and calmness as her time with New AP “drives me to keep pursuing my dream [of going into Non-Profit Marketing].”

We are so grateful that Yaunna, the trip leader Gabby Jabbour and their colleagues at The University of South Carolina chose to engage with us. Thank you for your service.

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