Volunteer Spotlight: Jackson Richard

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Jackson Richard, who served as our Communications intern – and so much more – this summer. He shares his perspective below.

“I spent a truly spectacular summer working as the 2018 Communications Intern at New American Pathways. From my very first day, I was embraced with warmth, compassion, and humor by the New AP staff. By my last day, I felt like a part of the family. It was a privilege to help show the world the amazing work that New American Pathways does, because in uncertain and alarming times like these, we all need a beacon of hope.

“Thank you to all of the coworkers, clients, and community members that made my experience so special. Never stop fighting for what you know is right!”

From Day One, Jackson impressed everyone on staff. It’s no wonder he came to us as an esteemed Emory Scholar. He served more than the required hours in his role, and went far beyond our expectations of handling New AP social media content.

Jackson’s keen eye for design did elevate our social media presence in a huge way.  But, beyond that, he took on digital photography and video projects for which we had no resources. He updated our family tree photos, assisted with a Fourth of July Today.com project, an AIB project and even developed a video about our Parents as Teachers program and completed it in just over a week. When we posted it, the PAT National Office shared it with their network, and it’s even now a top 5 Amateur Category Finalist in the PledgeTV Film Festival!

Some staff are still asking for “that man with the hair and the big camera”. We hope that he’ll be back soon to visit. Thanks, Jackson!

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