Ukraine Webinar

On June 13 New AP held an informational webinar about the status of Ukrainian parolees, the role of New American Pathways, and how you can help.

Many topics were covered including the cost of resettlement and what core services are available to parolees. Core services are the services that refugee resettlement agencies are required provide for every new arrival within the first 90 days. As part of the Uniting for Ukraine program, these core services will not be provided by the refugee serving agency, but are the responsibility of the sponsoring entity. There is a checklist available on the Uniting for Ukraine website, but the following are some items from the list:

  1. Pick up from the airport and provide a hot culturally appropriate meal
  2. Review apartment safety with the client-door locks, appliances, smoke detectors, 911, etc.
  3. Provide pocket money and take grocery shopping
  4. Medical screening appointment
  5. Apply for social security card
  6. Register children in school
  7. Register adults for English class
  8. Provide MARTA or other transportation orientation
  9. Enroll in benefits (Food Stamps, Medicaid, Refugee Cash Assistance)
  10. Assist with signing the lease
  11. Provide community and cultural orientation
  12. Assist family in applying for GA IDs

In response to questions regarding the cost of sponsoring a family or individual through the Uniting for Ukraine program: a) there is no fee to participate in the program and b) sponsoring entities are expected to cover all expenses typically incurred by the refugee resettlement agency to secure safe and adequate housing, provide furnishings, food, cash assistance, basic needs, and other vital supports and services to ensure that newly arriving individuals and families achieve safety and security and become established in their new communities.  The following are examples of expenses incurred by New American Pathways to resettle a newly arriving individual or family:

  1. Rent and utilities: application fee, security deposit, and at least 4 to 6 months of rent and utilities. Currently the average cost of a two bedroom apartment is $1,500 per month.
  2. Furnishing and basic needs for an apartment: we try to get as much of this donated as possible but do always provide new mattresses and unopened, new toiletries. We try to keep our costs per set up under $1,000.
  3. Culturally appropriate food until client receives food stamps. One month’s groceries on average is $300-$500.
  4. Pocket money until clients receives Refugee Cash Assistance Benefits. One month on average is $200.
  5. MARTA cards.
  6. Clothing, shoes, and school supplies: we use the Shop of Hope and Threads for clothing (its free) and rely on in-kind donations to provide a backpack and full school supplies to every school aged child.
  7. A car seat or booster for each child 5 and under.

In total, the average cost to support a family of four for six months is between $10,000-$15,000. Free or low cost housing would greatly reduce this rate.

Helpful Links:

  • For more information on the Uniting for Ukraine program, visit
  • Department of Homeland Security eligibility requirements.
  • If you are sponsoring through the Uniting for Ukraine Program and want to work with New AP for additional services, please register through the CWS Ukraine website
  • Resettlement, Information & Referral and Employment services for Ukrainians are by appointment only at New AP. Email our team to request an appointment.
  • Current data on the crisis in Ukraine HERE.

Thank you for your interest in helping refugees and Georgia thrive!