Successful Nonprofits Podcast

New American Pathways CEO Paedia Mixon joined current CRSA Chair Jim Neal for a conversation about the origins and success of the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA) on the ‘Successful Nonprofits‘ podcast. We were so happy to be included as part of this conversation. Coalition building is vitally important in the nonprofit world, and the CRSA is one example of success, and we are very proud to be a founding member of the CRSA. Paedia was the Coalition’s first chair and she shares some great insight on how the CRSA has grown.

Photo credit: Successful Nonprofits

Collaboration is key if we are do be effective in our advocacy and efforts to welcome new Americans. for new Americans. Paedia says in the podcast: “Coming together is the only way that we can really be good advocates and we have to be good advocates for the survival of this program and for the lifesaving work that it does. I really do think that one of the reasons why we work really well together is that we live and die together in that sense.”

You can listen to the podcast or read a transcript of the conversation here.