Our Fund-a-Need: Support for New Arrivals

The U.S. Resettlement Program is being threatened. The program is on a 120-day halt and the limit on the number of arrivals has been cut to 50,000 per year, the lowest in history.

When the travel ban is lifted, we need the capacity to serve the refugee community with the highly trained, culturally competent staff that we have today.

This year, our featured program during the gala will be to raise funds to sustain our staff and services for new arrivals.

Meet Our Resettlement and Career Services Staff

  • 16 employees
  • 16 languages spoken
  • 65 years of combined service
Resettlement and Resource Navigation Department
Sarah McCormick, Safia Jama (manager), Teresita Johnson, Padam Giri, Ladan Adan, Megan Kissane, Zamzam Noor. Not pictured: Rutha Say

Since the merger that created New American Pathways in October 2014, our staff working with new arrivals have delivered hundreds of refugees to safety and helped them to achieve stability and success:

  • 1,387 new Americans resettled in safe, affordable housing
  • 878 people placed in jobs


Career Services Department Carole Simon, Abdul Haikal, Zahra Amin, Andre Castenell Jr. (manager), Alla Yoonis, Kelsey Smith. Not pictured: Grace Paulsen, Shondra Tobler

Saving Lives, Starting Careers

New American Pathways helps refugees arriving from war-torn countries from the moment they arrive in Georgia through their journey to U.S. citizenship. Our people – our staff – are the cornerstone of our success.

Our resettlement staff, many of whom are former refugees themselves, deliver refugee families to safety. They set up an apartment before the family arrives, meet them at the airport, and get them settled and oriented to their new lives in America.

In concert with resettlement, our career services staff guide refugee families toward stability. They assess their skills, develop household budgets and help them get jobs. Today, more than 90 percent of new arrivals achieve self-sufficiency within six months of arrival.

We need support to weather this storm of uncertainty and continue saving lives. You can help to keep our family strong. 


Due to COVID-19, our services may be different than what is listed. Please contact us before coming to our office.