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New Americans celebration 2023

February Thought Leader Graphic

The New Americans Celebration is the annual day of education and outreach for refugees, immigrants, and allied communities. For ten years, the Coalition of Refugee Services Agencies has organized this day that is devoted to elevating the stories and contributions of Georgia’s refugees and immigrants and advocating for a more welcoming state. On Tuesday, February …

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THE IMPORTANCE OF Global talent in georgia

Ken Thought Leader Graphic

Recently I submitted a DNA sample to one of the popular genetics testing companies.  My first purpose was to find any genetic health dispositions I may have.  Fortunately, there were no health surprises but the richness of my ancestry was another story.  Sparing lots of detail I was able to determine my ancestors arrived in …

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Grateful for 2022

Megan Barnes December Thought Leader

A large part of my role as Resettlement Coordinator is pre-arrival logistics. Before an individual or family is even booked to fly to Georgia, I oversee and manage their biographical information, medical information, and general family makeup. My job was turned upside down last year with the influx of arrivals, particularly from Afghanistan and Ukraine. …

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The Power of the Vote

September 2022 Thought Leader

After residing for four consecutive years in the United States, I’ve learned the structure of the government, political parties, and most importantly the drastic impact of voting in the election process when it comes to having your thoughts, values, and vision represented. Citizenship plays a crucial role here, otherwise, you are deprived of this ultra-unique …

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