What the Second Executive Order Means for Refugees

Late morning on March 6, 2017, President Trump’s administration released the long-anticipated updated anti-refugee order and travel ban.

While the order has some noticeable changes from the original order (see below), it will still negatively affect refugees and refugee-serving agencies.  Negative impacts include:

  • Refugee arrivals cut in half for fiscal year 2017 (reduced from 110,000 to 50,000 refugees)
  • A four-month halt (120 days) in refugee arrivals from all countries
  • A halt in arrivals (travel ban) for any persons originating from: Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen for three months (90 days)
We applaud the positive changes from the previous order, which include:
  • Iraq is no longer included in the banned countries list
  • Syria no longer has an indefinite pause on arrivals
  • Those who currently hold valid visas, are Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) or have other currently valid legal status, including those from the six banned countries, will not be blocked from arrival
Please see New American Pathways’ statement and our call to action below.
Our Statement on the Most Recent Executive Order

In response to the executive order, New American Pathways Chief Executive Officer Paedia Mixon released the following statement:

“While the new executive order includes some welcome changes, the impact on refugees and refugee-serving organizations is the same. The United States is cutting refugee arrivals in half while other countries are challenging themselves to take in more refugees in response to the greatest refugee crisis this world has ever known. America ceases being a world leader as we turn our back on our allies and shut out people who need humanitarian support the most.

Policies that divide us – by nationality, religion and immigrant status – create an environment that breeds hostility and fear. We believe that the best way to keep our country safe is to create an environment of inclusiveness for everyone. At New American Pathways, we focus on long-term integration and helping new Americans actively participate in and contribute to the communities that welcome them.

Along with our partners and broad base of community supporters of many faiths and ethnicities, New American Pathways will continue to advocate for a robust refugee resettlement program that cares for the world’s most vulnerable populations without discrimination.”

TAKE ACTION: Show Your Support for #RefugeesWelcome

The first thing you can do, is let President Trump and our congressional leaders know you support refugee arrivals.President Trump: (866) 961-4293
Your Senators and Representatives: (202) 224-3121*
*Call this line 3 times to be connected with your 1 Representative and 2 Senators We also strongly encourage you to call Gov. Nathan Deal to let him know you want to see Georgia continue to welcome refugees after the 120 day pause.
You can reach Gov. Deal at: 404-656-1776

Sample Script: 
Not sure what to say? Check out this sample script from our national partners to use as a guide for your calls. Remember, we always encourage you to personalize your phone call!

“I’m your constituent from [City], and I support refugee resettlement in the U.S. I am strongly opposed to President Trump’s announcements to stop the resettlement of refugees from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen; pause the refugee resettlement program entirely and reduce the number of refugees we welcome. This discriminatory announcement runs counter to who we are as a nation, and does not reflect the welcome for refugees I see in my community every day. I urge you to do everything in your power to see this announcement reversed.”

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Jackson Ali

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