Why Education is Important

group of kids

We asked some of our middle school students in our Bright Futures Afterschool Program the question: “Why is education important to you?” Below are their responses. We are so proud of our students, they are working hard to acheive great things!

Education is a big thing in life.  Some people do not get to go to school like us in America.  Some people want to learn to read and write but do not have the opportunity to.  Personally, I think everyone should get a chance to learn and do great new things.  – Mu Kee Lah

My education is important to be because it will be my lifeline.  Without education I would grow up and spend my time on something I do not actually enjoy just so I can live.  With education, I can wake up every day knowing that I am doing something I enjoy and look forward to doing. The way I will live depends on what I do with my education.  I also enjoy learning new things.   –Silver Moo

Through education I can become any kind of person I want to be in the future.  Also through education my family & I can achieve anything and be able to buy nice things.  Education can also be used to help others.  Once I get my education I would like to look for opportunities to help sick and suffering people.  I would like to help vulnerable people get everything they need.  –Nindi Namuhaha

Education is important because without it the whole world would be lost.  We have come so far because of education.  The more people learn about history, the past and what brought us her the more we can improve for the future.  There is a saying, knowledge is power, which means the more you know the more you have.  Education to me is something that we learn to become better people.  The more we learn the more we grow as human beings.  Kids who learn have a higher chance of becoming the future leaders of our world.  – Hang Mung

Education is important because you can learn to do new things.  In other places people are dying to go to school.  Learning is hard but is something you just have to get used to.  Education can help you in your life and with what you are going to do next with your life.  Life is very hard without an education.  Many students think that school is difficult and boring but the reason we keep on going is that it helps you with what you want to become later in life.  –Samikchya Rai

Education is important because kids need education for everything.  Education can come to you or you can run from it.  An education can help you with your future.  For example, some people want to grow up and get good cars or travel to different countries when they get older.  An education can help you to achieve these things.  I want to get a good education so I can go back to the Congo and be able to help out my family.  – Juma Selemani

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