Volunteer Spotlight: Lynda Douglass

kids laughing and playing with volunteer

We are so very grateful for the many volunteers who serve regularly in our afterschool program. This month we would like to highlight Lynda Douglass. Lynda began serving in our afterschool program this year, and in a short time has become an integral part of our community.

Lynda is recently retired and volunteers with our Elementary afterschool program. She comes nearly every day and participates in all of our activities. Our New AP team is so impressed with how quickly Lynda jumped in to do whatever she could to help our students succeed. Lynda is an incredible example of dedication. Some of our afterschool students have experienced disruptions and inconsistencies in their education and having consistent people in their lives, helping them on their educational pathway is vital and extremely beneficial. Lynda takes tutoring time seriously but also loves recreation time with our students. It’s clear that she enjoys spending time with them and our students feel the same way about her!

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Hana Johnson, has this to say about Lynda: “Lynda is very dedicated and motivated by the work we do in our afterschool program, and is very connected to the students. She’s kind and personable. It’s rare to find a volunteer who comes so consistently. She offers to much support outside of her volunteer responsibilities, she consistently asks us how she can help.”

We recognize that there are so many things our volunteers could do with their time and we are grateful when amazing volunteers like Lynda choose to spend their time with us and our clients. If you’re interested in volunteering at our afterschool program, contact volunteerengagement@newamericanpathways.org

Due to COVID-19, our services may be different than what is listed. Please contact us before coming to our office.