On the Pathway

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New Americans are tenacious and strong, resilient and brave. They are dedicated to learning, working hard and creating a home for themselves and their families. They overcome obstacles and are focused on building their own versions of the American Dream. New AP walks on a pathway with the new Americans we serve as they grow and succeed, and we are grateful to be a part of that journey. Over the next year, will will introduce you to five families who embody what it means to find success along the pathway.

Karna Dhoj Rai and Summima Ingnam arrived in 2016, and have shown incredible dedication to taking every opportunity to expand and grow in their education and learning.

Suk Tamang and Sukmati Rai arrived in Atlanta in 2014. They’ve both grown their family with the births of their two children, and have opened their home to extended family members, providing a safe refuge for others.

Michael and Rose Bawi have worked tirelessly to build their own American dream as Michael has worked hard to advance his career and the family recently purchased their first home.

Ahmed Adan and Samira Hirsi arrived with their children in 2017. The family has faced challenges with optimism and Ahmed, a medical professional, has worked hard to enter the medial field professionaly since his arrival.

Marwan Alshehabi and Haifaa Bassout arrived with their children in 2016, and have been determined as they’ve navigated the complicated US medical system for their children with special needs.

We are inspired by their determination to acheive their goals and work towards their dreams, no matter the circumstances. These families are five examples among many new Americans who have found success along the New Americans’ Pathway through our programs. We are grateful to get a front row seat to their stories.

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