A Brave Path for Five Years

Paedia Mixon, New American Pathways CEO

Refugees are brave. They have to be. They are forced to leave behind everything and everyone they know for an uncertain future. After a perilous journey and an excruciatingly long stay in a refugee camp, even life in the relative safety of the United States requires courage. Rebuilding your life in a new place, learning a new language and navigating a new culture requires small acts of bravery every day.

New American Pathways is not just an organization for refugees; we are also an organization of refugees. Our staff represents the cultures and experiences of those we serve. When we are at our best, we channel the indomitable spirit of the refugees we serve.  This month we are celebrating the five-year anniversary of New American Pathways. Five years ago, we were brave. We took an enormous leap of faith in merging two organizations together to provide a comprehensive continuum of services for refugees and immigrants that would support them on their journey from arrival through citizenship. We had a bold vision of being the place for refugees in Atlanta to find support in realizing their own American dreams. Building a new organization has required our team to take risks and embrace change.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the past five years of growth and change at New AP. We are proud to share with you what we have accomplished. We will look back at the impact of our work, the incredible stories of the families we have served and the lessons we have learned along the way. We are also looking forward to the next five years. We are facing new and difficult challenges in our work. In these uncertain times, we owe it to the refugees we serve to continue to be brave.

Due to COVID-19, our services may be different than what is listed. Please contact us before coming to our office.