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Lino June Thought Leader

One Refugee’s Journey

My name is Lino Diadi Momo. I moved to the United States in 2003 at the age ...
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Abigail Klima May Thought Leader

AmeriCorps – A Year of Service

What’s your name, your AmeriCorps title, and where are you from? My name is Abigail Klima, I ...
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Kim April Thought Leader


Our April Thought Leader is Kim Verska, a lawyer in Atlanta and one of the owners and ...
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Laja March Thought Leader

Women’s empowerment at new ap

I am originally from South Sudan, but I grew up in Tanzania. I’ve worked at New American ...
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February Thought Leader Graphic

New Americans celebration 2023

The New Americans Celebration is the annual day of education and outreach for refugees, immigrants, and allied ...
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Ken Thought Leader Graphic

THE IMPORTANCE OF Global talent in georgia

Recently I submitted a DNA sample to one of the popular genetics testing companies.  My first purpose ...
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Megan Barnes December Thought Leader

Grateful for 2022

A large part of my role as Resettlement Coordinator is pre-arrival logistics. Before an individual or family ...
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November Thought Leader Zhanna

Assistance for Ukrainians

In 1996, I came to the U.S. from my hometown of Kiev, Ukraine to be a translator ...
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Wendy Gutierrez

Serving your community

Being involved in the community has been a priority for me over the last two decades of ...
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September 2022 Thought Leader

The Power of the Vote

After residing for four consecutive years in the United States, I've learned the structure of the government, ...
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Afghanistan: One Year Later

This month marks one year since the fall of Afghanistan. Twelve months ago, thousands of Afghans were ...
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After School Program Creates Soccer Club

By: Mirwais Jalalzai “It is my dream of being a professional soccer player one day,” Mohmad said ...
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Yaron Schwartz October Thought Leader

Partnering To Assist Refugees

My name is Yaron Schwartz and I'm the Director for the United States at the Tent Partnership for Refugees, which ...
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September Thought Leader Kevin Mulamba

The Influx Impact

I'm Kevin Mulamba and I work at New American Pathways as a Resettlement Case Specialist. I'm from Congo (DRC) but ...
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August Thought Leader

English AT Home Volunteers

One of the biggest barriers for newly arriving refugees and immigrants is language. Speaking English is a key factor in ...
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