Help Syrians and Other Refugees Thrive

Meet one of the few families who have arrived in Georgia  after displacement in Syria. New American Pathways staff greeted the family and took them to their new home. Now they will start a new life in Georgia with the support of our programs that guide them on their pathway to success — through resettlement, employment, educational opportunities for their children, and a supportive and welcoming community.

Act locally to help newly arriving families like this by participating in Georgia Gives Day

We are in the middle of one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises. There are over 20 million refugees in the world and 4 million are from Syria. This year, the U.S. will welcome 85,000 of those refugees, 10,000 of whom will be from Syria.

Your gift to New American Pathways is a gift to support newly arriving families from Syria and other areas of conflict across the globe.

New American Pathways welcomed 483 refugees to Georgia last year. Within 180 days of arrival, 90% of those families were self-sufficient — paying their own bills with earned income!

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Help refugees and Georgia thrive!

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