National Volunteer Month: Why We Serve

During April, National Volunteer Month, we celebrate our volunteers who donate their precious time in service to helping refugees and Georgia thrive. Below are a few featured New AP volunteers and what they told us about their inspiration for service with us.

Hiyme: I serve because I want to contribute to an important cause which is refugee resettlement and empowerment. Through my role as an intern, I got to learn inspiring stories about refugees. Refugees are forced to face so many challenges before and after arriving at their new homes, but no matter how tough the challenges get, they stay resilient. Often, they are forced to leave their homes, families and friends behind with no fault of their own. It is amazing how they value and take advantage of opportunities provided by New AP and partners to not only have a chance at a better life but to give back to the community. Their dedication and commitment to thrive is very inspiring.

Daniel: I volunteer with New American Pathways because I believe refugees make our communities stronger. I am in awe at the examples of refugees who have surmounted myriad obstacles over years of struggle to rebuild their lives in a new and foreign place, all while maintaining and strengthening familial and community relationships over vast swaths of time and space. While meeting former refugees at a rally led by the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies, of which New American Pathways is a part, I was humbled by the conviction of current refugees and new Americans alike to fight for their right to participate in American society while making significant contributions to our economy and culture. I am happy to volunteer with New American Pathways because in a world of great change and uncertainty, we need more people who represent diverse backgrounds, and who know what it means to face uncertainty with head held high and come out the other side stronger than ever.

Emma: My past volunteer and internship experiences have allowed me to engage on a personal level with refugees and immigrants while teaching and tutoring in these communities. This work has allowed me to witness firsthand how dedicated and hardworking these individuals are, but has also demonstrated to me the need to advocate on behalf immigrants, refugees and new Americans. I serve because I want to more deeply understand how nonprofit organizations act within political and legal arenas to better protect the rights of new Americans. My internship so far at New AP has allowed me to see how much work as already been done, but also how much further we have to go in Georgia to protect the rights of all.

Joshua: New American Pathways remains dedicated to serving the most vulnerable members of our community as they build their new life in the United States. Our commitment to refugees and their families underscores the mission to keeping Atlanta a safe and welcoming home for all.

If you are interested in volunteering at New American Pathways, email or come to our next volunteer orientation to learn more!

Due to COVID-19, our services may be different than what is listed. Please contact us before coming to our office.