How You Can Show Your Support For Syrian Arrivals

Since Governor Nathan Deal announced that he had asked the Federal government to stop sending Syrian refugees to Georgia, we have had many questions from supporters about how best to reach out to show their support for continued Syrian arrivals in Georgia. Here are two easy ways to reach out to the Office of Governor Nathan Deal to show your support. Contacting Gov. Deal only takes a moment. Remember, he needs to hear from as many supporters of resettlement as possible. 

Send a Letter:

Send this letter (downloadable by clicking below), directly to Governor Deal’s office. The letter is easily personalized ,and sending a personalized letter shows that you care enough to take time out from your busy day to put your feelings and thoughts on paper.

Governor Deal Letter – Syrian Arrivals

Call or Email:

Call 404-656-1776 or contact the office here by email.

When you call or write, let the Governor know that:

  • You support the resettlement of all refugees in Georgia including those from Syria.
  • His security fears are unsubstantiated and refugees are the single most scrutinized and vetted individuals to travel to the United States, undergoing every security check that U.S. federal law enforcement has including biometric tests, medical screenings and in-person interviews with trained Department of Homeland Security officials. (See a full list of the security process checks here).
  • Not a single refugee in the entire 35-year history of the U.S. resettlement program has ever been arrested for planning a domestic act of terrorism.
  • You are disappointed by his violation of federal civil rights laws in his executive order to discriminate against state residents based on their country of origin.
  • The Governor’s decision has “re-victimized” those most vulnerable to these types of attacks and that Georgia should remain a hospitable and welcoming community to those seeking a safe haven from persecution.
  • By asking state agencies to investigate the backgrounds of Georgia residents without cause, he is creating an atmosphere of fear for all Georgians similar to the environment of persecution refugees are fleeing.

 Please take this moment in history to stand up for justice and ensure that Georgia continues to be a state of which we can all be proud.