February 2019 Volunteer Spotlight: Fred Rascoe

Above: Middle school students with Fred Rascoe (back row, middle) and lead teacher Winston Persaud (back row, right)

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Fred Rascoe, a librarian at Georgia Tech, who finds time to tutor new American students in New AP’s Bright Futures afterschool program.

Fred says that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to help middle schoolers succeed – and as a devoted volunteer with our afterschool program for over two years, he would know!

In October 2016, Fred decided to get involved in helping refugees and learned about New AP. He became a Bright Futures middle school tutor and has been playing a critical role in their lives ever since.

Fred speaks highly of the New AP staff and AmeriCorps members serving at the local middle school. He explains that the team is very dedicated and passionate about helping the youth in afterschool every day of the week – on top of their service at the office.  The Bright Futures program team had nothing but wonderful things to say about Fred’s work ethic, too. They praised him for his patience with the students and have appreciated that he is cheerful, dependable and a great male role model.

During the program, Fred helps students with their homework and participates in educational and recreational activities. He tutors students one-on-one or in small groups with intensive reading and reading comprehension. If he is not in the classroom, he might be teaching them how to play chess or American football. Recently, after learning to play chess, some Bright Futures students had the chance to participate in a chess club tournament. They were excited to experience something so unique that they had just learned how to play.

Fred expressed his appreciation for the New AP staff for their dedication and hard work every week. He encourages others to support our program staff as they guide refugee students toward success.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with New AP, come to our next volunteer orientation.

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