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Bawi Family

The Bawi family was among the first families resettled by New American Pathways.  Michael, Rose and sons Emmanuel and Peter arrived in 2015 ready for a fresh start.  Soon after their arrival, they connected with English at Home volunteers who had children about the same age as theirs. The families are still friends to this day and enjoy spending time together. Michael got his first job soon after arrival and completed forklift certification in 2017, leading to a promotion at his job. He recently participated in New AP’s Forward Vocational Counseling Cohort Program and received another promotion soon after completing the program. 

Michael worked hard to develop his English skills and now serves as a contractor at New AP, helping welcome new arrivals. Within their first few years here, their third child, Alouishious, was born and the family navigated the US healthcare system as new Americans, and welcomed their baby with joy and excitement. They recently purchased their first home and are on track to apply for citizenship in 2020. This family is tenacious and have accomplished tremendous things in their time here, and are an incredible example of new American success.

Our Stories

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