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Karna Dhoj Rai, Summima Ingnam and their son Jonish arrived in Atlanta in April of 2016. Their daughter Johanna was born in 2018. The Rai/Ingnam family are dedicated to learning as much as possible and helping their children succeed.  They are taking advantage of the many opportunities the United States has for their family to grow and advance in their education. Summima continues to meet with a English at Home volunteer regularly and is committed to becoming fluent in English. She and Johanna enjoy their weekly Parents as Teachers home visits from their New AP Parent Educator and Summima is learning how she can help Johanna get a head start in her toddler years. 

Karna not only found a job quickly but is working hard to obtain his GED and advance in his career. Jonish is an active participant in the Pathways to Bright Futures afterschool and summer programs, and advanced 8 reading levels over the course of his time in the program. The family will apply for citizenship in 2021. Coming to a new country is challenging but this family has taken it in stride and have found success as they continue to learn and grow as new Americans. 

The Karna Dhoj Rai family in a park

Our Stories

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