Newly-arrived refugees, who represent a wide range of cultures and languages, are under tremendous pressure to adapt quickly to American life and culture. Within a few short months, they are expected to speak English, find sustainable employment, enroll their children in school, and understand the complexities of the American health care system, government programs, the school system, and social services.

With decades of experience, our case management team members, many of whom are former refugees themselves, know how to help refugee families overcome barriers to success. Through community partnerships and referrals, shared experience, common language, and cultural affinity, they build trust and personal relationships, provide positive role models for success, and motivate new Americans to persevere.

Services include:

  • Resettlement Program
  • Early Employment
  • Information and Referral and social adjustment services
  • Intensive case management (health focused)


image008 In partnership with DeKalb County Human Services

An affiliate of Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries
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