Why We Vote

For this month’s Thought Leader piece, we are sharing the words from many New AP staff, volunteers, clients and friends on why they are voting this year, what will be on their minds when they vote, and why it is important to them. Our reasons may be different, but we all have this in common- we believe in exercising this right so our voices are heard.

Voting is important to me because as a black college student, I am aware that my voice as a black man and as a student matter so much in this upcoming election! Fighting for human rights will certainly be on my mind when I vote early because I know I can have an impact on the needed reform to change the criminal justice system, engender better climate change regulations, and legalize equal access to health care and college-level education. Additionally, I want to vote because it is not only a right, but I believe I have a civic responsibility to make sure that America’s democracy includes everyone’s voices. – Justin Gibbs-Poe

Voting is important to me because there are so many issues that affect my family life that the people I vote for directly influence. It’s important that my views are represented in the government. When I vote this November I’ll be thinking about issues that legislators in the Georgia State House as well as the US Congress and the President have direct influence over. – Hadden Martinez

I myself can’t vote because I have DACA status, but I believe in the power of voting. Someone once said that you step into the voting booth as one person, but you cast your vote for thousands. I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and family who share similar beliefs. As my friends and family prepare to vote, I am hoping for a better, brighter and safer future, for the nation and the world. – Bruno Castellanos

I am voting because it’s important to me to elect leaders that represent my values, one of which is trusting in science. I believe that climate change is the biggest issue facing not just our country but humanity as a whole and will adversely impact all of earth’s species. If we do not put into effect aggressive and science-based policies addressing and preventing climate change, then climate change will keep destroying our environment and those living within it. The leaders that I am voting for have put science-based climate change action into their platforms, so I hope that they will be elected and immediately get to work on addressing climate change in an effort to prevent it further. – Annika Lowgren

Human rights and equality for all are primary issues for us. It is extremely important for us to see these values in our elected leaders.  – Phillippa Chadd and Srikanth Vourganti

Voting is the one chance I have to make sure that my voice is being heard. This year, I requested an absentee ballot and dropped it off in person to make sure that my vote was not lost and that I didn’t put my family at risk while voting in person. I truly believe that America has the capacity to live up to its promise. I want a government that puts the needs of the people above the needs of corporations, and I want a government that understands that the United States does not exist in a vacuum but must work together with other countries’ governments to solve problems that affect the whole world. I want to elect representatives who will seek progressive change in immigration law/policy, in policing, in our response to climate change and the pandemic, and who will work to help people in America who are suffering due to our current economic downturn. – Whitney Kweskin

No matter who wins, I hope we can still find ways to engage in a healthy dialogue with opposing views. – John Money

It has become crystal clear to me that what happens in US elections can have dire consequences for the entire world. Voting remains the most effective way to steer us all towards a safer and more prosperous path. Economic equity, foreign policy, and fair access to healthcare and education are the most important issues for me in this election. – Omid Mojtahedi

Voting is important to me because I’m giving myself the right to choose. As I vote this November, I’ll be thinking about how I can vote to see new and better things come. As I prepare to vote, I’ll be finding ways to reach out to others to encourage them to vote, because all of us voting is the best thing for everyone. – Maria Eugenia Cano

Voting is the only way to ensure that I have a say in choosing who represents my interests in government. The issues that are important to me are ensuring that healthcare is accessible and affordable to all, keeping a balance on the Supreme Court, welcoming immigrants and refugees, rebuilding our relationships internationally, and combating climate change. – Nancy Gaddy

Voting is important to me because it’s an opportunity to elect a candidate that most benefits my future. I will be thinking about the many injustices I see on a daily basis when I cast my vote this year. The issues I am most concerned about are healthcare, civil rights, and abiding by our Constitution. – Melat Wubete

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