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“America Got Me Here. America Loves Me.”

Above: Still proud of his service as a South Vietnamese Ranger, Mr. Nguyen (pictured here with his son) wears his uniform whenever he gets the chance. When you meet him, you are immediately struck by Mr. Nguyen’s enthusiasm. Through an interpreter, you learn that Mr. Nguyen is ecstatic to be in America. What you wouldn’t know is that Mr. Nguyen… More >

Georgia Loves Refugees

This Valentine’s Day, the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA) hosted their second-annual Georgia Loves Refugees press conference at the Clarkston Community Center. The event was the launch for the 2017 Annual Report – a collection of data from the 18 member agencies that details the many positive contributions of Georgia’s refugee and immigrant communities. The program also allowed CRSA,… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Michael Purser

Above: Transportation volunteer Michael Purser When we asked Michael Purser why he serves with New American Pathways, he humbly said: “It’s the most American thing you can do.” Michael, a semi-retired volunteer, began serving with us in fall of 2016. He found his fit as a transportation volunteer, picking up new Americans from their homes and taking them to necessary… More >

Read a Book, Expand Your Outlook

Do you have a goal to read more in 2018? Do you want to learn more about the immigrant experience FROM immigrants? Check out these great book recommendations from our staff – written by new Americans about the new American experience: Hannah suggests… English at Home AmeriCorps member Hannah Johnson had a diverse list of suggestions spanning the globe: Born… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Kinman Bailey

Above: English at Home tutor Kinman Bailey Heandy is bright, hardworking, driven, has big goals in mind, and all staff who meet him believe he’s going to soar. A cardiologist from Cuba, Heandy would like to use this knowledge and ability to help patients in the U.S. But to practice medicine here, he’s got a long road ahead of him. One… More >

Moving Up the (Career) Field

What does “MVP” mean to you? As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, many think about the Most Valuable Players on the football field. Here at New American Pathways, though, our MVPs are Mentors for Vocational Pathways in specific professional fields – and they are just as important as any star football players for the new Americans we serve. When foreign-trained professionals (with a graduate degree… More >

Check Out Our New Online Store!

Show everyone you want to keep Georgia welcoming. We have expanded our line of New AP and “Welcome to Georgia” swag so there are choices for everyone – super-soft hoodies, ¾-sleeve raglan shirts, Tervis tumblers and journals. Here’s our online store. Visit any time at store.newamericanpathways.org. A huge thanks to Eric Key of Key Design Strategy for developing our signature “Welcome to… More >

Volunteers of the Month: All of Our Secret Santas

Every year our staff members chew their fingernails hoping that we will have enough holiday gifts to serve the refugee youth in our four DeKalb County afterschool programs. Every year, we have more students to provide for (this year 180!) and less hands to help coordinate the effort. But every year, the community comes together in a tremendous showing of generosity… More >

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