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The Open Doors of Citizenship

For this month’s thought leader piece, we spent some time talking to two of New American Pathway’s newest citizens, Punam and Justine. Punam Pradhan is… More >

Volunteer Spotlight- Clothing and Basic Needs Closet Team

This month we are highlighting three incredible volunteers who have taken on a big task here at New American Pathways- our clothing and basic needs closets. Sharon Abdel-Khalik, Rina Rosenberg, and Lorraine Lombardi dedicate time weekly to ensure the closet is organized, clean, and offers a welcoming environment to new refugee families. Our Service and Volunteerism Coordinator, Hana, has this… More >

Honoring the Legacy of Dr. King

This year our AmeriCorps Project Rise cohort took the time to reflect on the legacy of Dr. King and how we amplify his ideals through our service as AmeriCorps members and at New AP. Sierra Driver, the School Readiness AmeriCorps Member, had this to share: “Dr. King’s ultimate legacy is the practice of service. His recognition is that equality is… More >

Multiple Paths to Generosity

This month’s thought leader piece is by New AP Board Member, John Pinkard. John joined the New American Pathways’ Board of Directors in 2018.  He has volunteered with the Clarkston community since 2012 through All Saints’ Episcopal Church and currently facilitates a Saturday morning tutoring group open to New American Pathways volunteers and All Saints’ parishioners.  John currently works in… More >

A Brave Path for Five Years

Refugees are brave. They have to be. They are forced to leave behind everything and everyone they know for an uncertain future. After a perilous journey and an excruciatingly long stay in a refugee camp, even life in the relative safety of the United States requires courage. Rebuilding your life in a new place, learning a new language and navigating… More >

Coming Together and Making a Difference

It is a difficult time.  Strict restrictions on asylum have been imposed and we are looking at a possible presidential determination in the next two weeks setting the number of refugees allowed in the US to zero or the very low numbers of 10-15,000. World Relief Atlanta will no longer be resettling refugees and so many of its gifts to… More >

Abdirahman’s Citizenship Journey

Citizenship is a huge goal that many refugees have once they are resettled in the United States. During those first few weeks, it seems like… More >

Why Education is Important

We asked some of our middle school students in our Bright Futures Afterschool Program the question: “Why is education important to you?” Below are their… More >

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