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What’s New


Volunteers of the Month: Xavier University Alternative Break Group

This month, our volunteers of the month are the Alternative Spring Break students from Xavier University, a Catholic school located in Cincinnati, Ohio! This group spent two days volunteering in our afterschool program at a DeKalb County elementary school, helping children with their homework, reading, and conversation pieces. We asked them to share their experience: We signed up to volunteer… More >

Maria the Cat, Mohammed the Kid

Mary Cash, our Volunteer Engagement AmeriCorps member, wrote about creating animal shapes with Mohammed in the afterschool program. New to America and his DeKalb County… More >

Students Rule – On and Off the Field

A few weeks ago, we accepted three new students from Afghanistan into our afterschool program.  These students are all siblings with varying levels of English speaking and reading.  They have already impressed me with their respectfulness, eagerness to learn, and positive attitudes. The youngest sibling came to us knowing the alphabet and a few sight words, and has since learned… More >

What the Second Executive Order Means for Refugees

Late morning on March 6, 2017, President Trump’s administration released the long-anticipated updated anti-refugee order and travel ban. While the order has some noticeable changes from the original order (see below), it will still negatively affect refugees and refugee-serving agencies.  Negative impacts include: Refugee arrivals cut in half for fiscal year 2017 (reduced from 110,000 to 50,000 refugees) A four-month halt (120 days)… More >

Bhim’s Story: An American Dream

Becoming a refugee usually means hardship. Those who receive the government status of refugee are given it because they’re fleeing from proven persecution. That statement… More >

A Valentine from Georgia to Refugees

Georgia loves refugees, and refugees love Georgia. This Valentine’s Day, New American Pathways, through our work with the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA), held… More >

Volunteer of the Month: Myrtle Lewin

Myrtle Lewin is a retired Agnes Scott mathematics professor, advocate for all things social justice, and just about the cheeriest person you’ll ever meet. It’s no wonder why the room lights up when she walks in: Her natural positive attitude is exactly what drew us to name her as our Volunteer of the Month! Myrtle’s interest in education is one… More >

What Does the Executive Order Mean for Refugees?

  Late January 27, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order containing large-scale changes to the refugee program. First, if you are confused about what an executive order is, this CNN article may help you better understand the process. What is in the executive order: 1) A four month pause in the refugee program: From our understanding, this means we will… More >

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